Selected as a ”Pilot Support Project”

The Botos series was selected as a ”Pilot Support Project” from KOCCA. 2009

“Silver Prize”

The Botos series won the “Silver Prize” at the 2014 DigiCon6 Asia Awards

"Excellence Award"

The Botos series won the “Excellence Award” in the animated cartoon section at Web Animation Festival, WAF. 2010

Official selection of “Ani-variety Business”

The Botos series: Official selection of “Ani-variety Business” for TV animation series sponsored by SKB/KBS/SBA. 2016

“Best Creativity Award”

The Botos series won the “Best Creativity Award” at the Project Competition pitching in SPP 2014.

Selected for the "Production Support Project”

The Kindergarten of Goblins pilot was selected for the “Production Support Project” by SBA

"Cartoon Connection Award"

The Botos series won the "Cartoon Connection Award" at the Asia-Eu Cartoon Connection 2017 Awards.